Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oh wow.

Time. Time. Time.
Time is going by way too fast. Only three more weeks left in this term. I remember looking at the schedule at the beginning of this term at how far away all day practicum was and now look at the schedule, IT'S NEXT WEEK!! After those three weeks left of this term one week of break and then I am student teaching. Goodness!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The mornings

After arriving to school in the mornings for my practicum, hall duty is what my life consists of for at least half an hour, sometimes longer. The students arrive some very excited to be at school, others exhausted and burnt out looking, and then there are the students who look like they still may be sleeping. Their clothes are sometimes matching, not matching at all, or matching way TOO much! Their backpacks are all too big for their little bodies, hopefully containing the homework from the night before. Nevertheless, I am excited to see them at school. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

NEVER enough time!

So many assignments due.
So many projects to do at work.
So many projects to do at home.
So many places to clean in my house.
So many dishes to do.
So mayn clothes to fold.
So many calls to make.
So many lessons to write.
So many books I want to read.
So many pictures I want to scrapbook.
So many places I want to be.
So many bills to pay.
So many groceries to buy.
So many new recipes to try.
So many people I want to visit.

So many thoughts in my head,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fourth day of practicum

Today I walk in to my fourth day of practicum, knowing that there was going to be a substitute in the classroom ahead of time, but still expecting it to be semi normal. I explain who I am and they automatically are thrilled that there is a constant, a familiarity, in the room but really it is still only my fourth day. As many thoughts fill my head, one of them being; 'I don't even know the student's names!' I try to seem confident and make them think that I know more about this classroom than I actually do. The prep time went on and on for what seemed like two hours! Finally after reading the lesson plan four times through because I was going to have my group without any preparation, the students arrived! All stressful thoughts set aside, I put on my future teacher helmet and gathered my students for my group. Some students were not cooperating, but all I had to tell them was would you act this way if (teacher's name) was here right now and they got it together and begun to participate. I led my group and everything went perfectly! Today I received experience about being a substitute and how it cam be very stressful and overwhelming at first, to try to grasp these concepts, ideas, and practices that happen everyday in a classroom that you are not a part of, but in the end it all comes down to having the characteristics of being a teacher and if you have that, you have it covered.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week two

This weekend I attended the last Redmond Classics Wrestling tournament that my brother will be wrestling in. My brother is a senior in high school and has been wrestling for 7 years now, and each year I am more and more amazed at how much he has improved. My brother is a funk wrestler, he pulls off moves that most people think to be impossible, it makes me very proud, and VERY stressed to watch my brother wrestle. He is the kind of wrestler that you think could possibly pin himself when actually he pins his opponent, he is also the kind of wrestler that only tries moves if they are risky. My brother walked away this weekend 3-2, which is pretty good. He had some tough competition, he wrestled three kids who were ranked higher than him, beating one of them which also improved his ranking. I had so much fun visiting with my family and watching him wrestle...and I even lost my voice.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 1

My boyfriend bought what he thought was going to be his dream truck to fix up and be able to drive in order to have cheaper gas expenses. After many life events that happened that effected his future life choices and his living situations he ended up having to get rid of his main vehicle that was actually the reliable one. When he had to give up that reliable vehicle his 'dream rig' was at it's worst part in it's life, unless he were to put lots of money in it to fix it up. In the end we knew it was time to get rid of that vehicle and possibly get one later on down the road for him to mess with. After many calls, texts, and emails about the truck from people who were interested in it not one sale seemed to go through. Times were getting tough because we were down to sharing one car because the 'dream truck' wasn't starting anymore. It wasn't that bad because our classes were not colliding and I was the only one with a job at the time, but it was still tough. We finally found someone who wanted to trade the pick up in order to use it as a secondary vehicle so she didn't care what condition it was in and she was going to sell the vehicle she traded us anyways. We were getting a better deal out of this trade than she was, but she was also okay with it because she was getting a good deal for her situation. There were only a few aspects that made this deal a little harder than planned. The car that we were getting in the deal needed new breaks and some other things fixed (which I didn't pay much attention to because that's not an area that I am interesting or have knowledge in) this was no problem because my boyfriends dad is a mechanic on the side. The problem about this situation is that the car we were getting was in Hood River (where my boyfriends dad is) and we are obviously in La Grande. With this being said, we were going to be down to one car...for real this time with absolutely no back up. This would have been okay and we would have survived, until my boyfriend got a job. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining that he got a job because we were hoping for that more than we were hoping to sell that rig, but this just made the car situation a little more difficult. We were calling our parents and trying to figure out what we were going to do. His dad came up with a solution; my mom would trailer up a car for us to drive while the car we were getting was getting fixed and she would trailer the pick up home. This worked out great, the only uncomfortable thing about the situation was the car is PEPTO BISMOL PINK! I am not even joking about that last statement. So for the time being I am driving that hot pink car, but only for a few more days, next week we will get to trade for our actual car.