Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fourth day of practicum

Today I walk in to my fourth day of practicum, knowing that there was going to be a substitute in the classroom ahead of time, but still expecting it to be semi normal. I explain who I am and they automatically are thrilled that there is a constant, a familiarity, in the room but really it is still only my fourth day. As many thoughts fill my head, one of them being; 'I don't even know the student's names!' I try to seem confident and make them think that I know more about this classroom than I actually do. The prep time went on and on for what seemed like two hours! Finally after reading the lesson plan four times through because I was going to have my group without any preparation, the students arrived! All stressful thoughts set aside, I put on my future teacher helmet and gathered my students for my group. Some students were not cooperating, but all I had to tell them was would you act this way if (teacher's name) was here right now and they got it together and begun to participate. I led my group and everything went perfectly! Today I received experience about being a substitute and how it cam be very stressful and overwhelming at first, to try to grasp these concepts, ideas, and practices that happen everyday in a classroom that you are not a part of, but in the end it all comes down to having the characteristics of being a teacher and if you have that, you have it covered.

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